BackgroundDoktor Quindt

Æther World

The „Æther World“ is an alternate reality. Starting on the night of New Year’s Eve 1900 a mysterious green fog began to rise from rivers and lakes. The phenomenon could be observed all over the world, but was at first scarce and inconspicious, so no one really took notice. Attentive observers and scientists eventually noticed the substance over the years and dubbed it „Æther“.
Æther is influencing life in multiple ways. On one hand there are technical inventions like airships and lightning-weapons, on the other hand it changes plants, animals and also human beings. Creatures from myth and legends reappear and pose uncomfortable ordeals to society.
How do you cope if your neighbour turns into a man-wolf? If your wife chooses to live near a spring to be its guardian instead of preparing your supper? Or when the fish in the pond fly away on wings instead of ending up in your frying pan?

Steam engines are pumping tirelessly to compress the æther, and æther barons have gotten filthy rich. Round the clock, scientists research new uses for the aether  – but the priests call it God’s punishment that only hurts the sinners, the „corrupted“.

In the year 1911 A.D the „Æther Affairs Agency“ is founded in the Grand Duchy of Baden. Here the employees, scientists and officers try to research the æther and its impact on the world, impartial to economical, political or religious considerations. They try to make the life easier for all who have to live in this new and changed world.


Image: public domain, Pteranodon by ArthurWeasley, CC BY-SA