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The Webseries

The first trailer


We will create the first german steampunk-webseries called ÆTHER AFFAIRS. The show should not be taken too serious. It centers on the fictitious „Æther Affairs Agency“. It has to deal with the ramifications that arose from the appearance of the mystrious substance. The agency staff has to concern themselves with awakened creatures seemingly coming straight out of fairy tales, but also with human chimaeras, the so called „Shifted“.
You will find more details about the world under „Background“, additional information on the idea behind the webseries can be discovered on „Mission“. If you are interested you may and shall help us with our endeavour. Particulars about how to assist can be found on the page „Take Part“. Tidings from the shooting and the production will be published on a (more or less) regular basis via „News“

Work Instructions
We are a collective of artists called 'Evil Kraken', seven creative people from different fields, and we share a common vision:
through a webseries we want to show the world that steampunk from germany lives and rocks! ...
Recruiting Office
Wee need you!

We have many visions but no budget. Nevertheless we are sure that we will be able to create something great with the help of all of you: the steampunk-scene. If you'd like to help ...

The World - The Agency
In the year 1900 the mysterious Æther began to appear above the streams and lakes of the earth. This Æther was scrutinized and investigated. Soon it became clear that the substance would lead to great advancements in industry and science. ...