MissionDoktor Quindt

Evil Kraken-LogoWe are a collective of artists called ‚Evil Kraken‘, seven creative people from different fields, and we share a common vision: through a webseries we want to show the world, that german steampunk lives and rocks! …

On the 27th december 2014 a introductory episode to the web series „Æther Affairs“ was shot. Most of the production will be done in Essen, but the plot takes place in Baden-Baden around the year 1912. More episodes will be produced in 2014. All parts will be in german and get english subtitles.

„Evil Kraken“ are:

  • Stefan Holzhauer: webdeveloper, publicist, editor, Remscheid
  • Sylvia Kretzschmar: artist, Remscheid
  • Jörg-Sven Pispisa: filmmaker and screenwriter, Tönisvorst
  • Mathias Heilmann: webworker and actor, Essen
  • Stefan Pfannmüller: maker, props, Gelsenkirchen
  • Nino Bagus: maker, leatherworker, props, Essen
  • Anja Bagus: novelist, Essen

The Idea

Inspired by Anja Bagus‘ Ætherworld-series of novels we had the idea to visualize this in short films. The novels take place in an alternate world, where the mysterious Æther axists. The substance is also a blessing and a curse. It makes airships possible but also creates monsters. Central theme of the series is the newly founded „Æther Affairs Agency“ – and it is a wonderful starting point for adventures. Manwolves collide with overcorrect german civil servants, and “modern” devices with the wish for accurate filing. The laboratories investigate the things the intrepid employees bring home from their expeditions to the aether mists. Soldiers guard the civilians and the Agency has an open ear for every peculiar complaint.